Our physical therapist can help you move freely again when a part of your body is hurting. Your physical therapist will come knocking on your door to get you up and moving with rehab at home and help you avoid an injury altogether.

ATPC Physical therapists are commonly called in for patients with arthritis and joint pain, joint replacements, soft tissue injuries, chronic pain syndromes, gait and balance disorders, stroke, head injuries or other neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis or ALS.

On the first visit, Our PT will do a functional assessment to get an idea of your strength and functional mobility.

Next, the therapist will help you identify your goals and provide counseling on what's realistic. Depending on your unique circumstances, our PT might work with you to help you improve your walking, balance, pain relief, range-of-motion, posture, strength or mobility. You'll be educated on what movements and habits to avoid. And, in most cases, you'll get homework - exercises for you to do on your own.

It's all about keeping you where you want to be - at home.