What is known about neck pain?

Head and neck area is prone to many problems and injuries. The continuously erroneous status of the head and changes that occur with age is the main causes of neck pain. The traffic accidents are also reasons for the problems of the neck.

It is important to identify the causes of neck pain and ways to avoid them and deal with them or how to minimize them.

Which does neck area consist?

The neck area is the most flexible region of the backbone because its main function to allow freedom of movement in the head. Neck area consists of vertebrae and cartilage (disc), including in addition to the ligaments and muscles that surround it. Out of these vertebrae nerves that feed the upper limbs and for this reason the problems of the neck cause pain and numb in the miniaturization and upper limbs.

Daily instructions to be given to the neck pain:


1. Avoid sitting for a long time especially the sitting that forced to fix the neck in one direction, such as reading or writing or watching TV mode. If that necessary sit erectly, rest every fifteen minutes at least and walk a little, and do some light exercise described by specialists.

2. Keep your head while sitting upright and not bending forward for a long time so it should be the length of the office or the table you are working on appropriate and should be close to you.

3. Put a small slanted wooden base on the desk for help to read or write without curvature of the neck where what you write or read at eye level.

4- optimized position to work on the computer have put the screen based in the level of the nose of the person and put the keyboard so that the shoulders are in a moderate mode (non elevated ) and the elbow bent 90 degrees and a wrist relaxed in a position 30 degrees.


5-Avoid placing the computer screen on one side of the office where it should be directly in front of you and the TV screen so they are not in a position makes you pay attention to one side for a long time but forward.

6. You can use a pillow under your arms so that based on the arms from the armpits to the elbows while reading to ensure the book was placed in the level of consideration without curvature of the neck and to reduce the overload on the vertebrae and tissues of the neck and over the shoulders, where will be charged the pillow you arms weight and books can use this method during knitting or business knitting or ...


7. The normal position of the head is to be one with straightening the spine in the sense that when you looking to the person side the ear to be on one line with the shoulder, more neck creep forward from this situation increased the pressure on the vertebrae and neck muscles. So Keep your head in an upright position always, Examples include car seat must be modified when the drive so that it is close to allow the survival of the head straight and not moving forward.

8. Avoid placing the headset or mobile phone between shoulder and head, because that leads to an increased load on the vertebrae and tissues of the neck.

9. Avoid exposing your neck to air currents and try to avoid sudden changes of the atmosphere, such as transfer of hot air to air-conditioning or vice versa.

10. Avoid reading or watching TV when you are lying on the bed, where in most situations will be your neck in a bad situation.

11. When you suffer from a contraction and muscular pain neck and shoulders can be put a bottle of hot water and underneath a light towel on the muscles of the neck and shoulders for twenty minutes or exposing the muscles of the neck and shoulders to current hot water shower but avoid exposure to air currents immediately thereafter.


12. Avoid sleeping while sitting or during the car ride.

13. Patient with neck pain should avoid carry heavy objects attract or push things (especially heavy) strongly and should avoid situations where forced to lift his head up for a long time, such as the roof or paint the sky hopes. When you carry things from the ground must take into account the proper way to lift and that are standing close to the object to be carried so that the feet dimension of the shoulders and one foot in front of the other and then go down to the land of articular hip and knee bend while maintaining the spine mild and shoulders put freehand, then grab the thing well near the body and rise to the top using the joints of the lower limbs and muscles and the head followed.

14. Avoid the use of bifocals (see and read together) to read from the computer screen

15. Try to sleep with keeping your head and neck in an upright position so that the pillow is not too high or too low, and whether it's you sleep on your side or on your back. Avoid using too small or too hard type that is compressed easily so that it becomes useless and must also be the pillow is solid so that they take the form of your head, but at the same time continues to fill the void between the bed and your neck. When sleeping on your side if your shoulders broad cushion the use of high pillow so it fills the void, and if your shoulders is not broad use pillow smaller. What governs the size of the pillow is that this pillow makes the neck spine straight with the rest of the spine. Should be noted that pillow not be placed under your shoulders, but between your neck and shoulders.


The most important exercises of the neck:

1. The exercises of neck movement in all directions and repeat every movement 10 times.


2. Exercise to tighten the chin and consistency within 10 seconds and repeating 10 times.


3. Strengthen the muscles around the neck exercises and hold 6 seconds so that the stability in every movement and repetition 10 times.


4. Stretching muscle exercises as the following pictures so that consistency in each exercise 30 seconds and repeating 3-5 times.