1. ATPC is the largest and most developed center in its field in Jordan.

2. ATPC promotes team-work characterized by professionalism, knowledge, and the best practical skills.

3. ATPC treats patient in our unique locations.

4. ATPC has parking spaces available for up to 50 cars.

5. ATPC is flexible regarding our schedules, programs, and appointments. We try our best to see our patients within 24-48 hours from their initial booking date.

6. ATPC provides medical consultations through our website.

7. ATPC provides a detailed notes of the patient’s assessment and treatment plan which can be received personally or through our website for the patients and their physicians.

8. ATPC provides continuous follow up for our patients.

9. ATPC offers private sessions and house visits for patients.

10. ATPC offers the ability to book online through our website.