We are a Physiotherapy center that provides our service throughout Greater Amman. Our physiotherapists have experience treating adults and children with a wide range of conditions.

Founded in 2012, the mission of The ATPC is embraced by every member of our team.

We provide evidence-based, individualized, leading-edge therapy for physical approaches to disease management for people of all ages.

Our inter-disciplinary team is committed to a collaborative approach with our client and their health care team to achieve optimal rehabilitation outcomes, relieves pain, regain function and restore independence.

Al Tamayuz Center is considered the largest and most developed physiotherapy center in Jordan as it aims to change the society’s perception regarding physiotherapy definition, goals, and achievements.

Therefore, Al Tamayuz center along with its team work concentrate on providing the most recent developments in the field. All physiotherapists working in Al Tamayuz Center are considered the best in the field as they all have been graduated from the best universities in Jordan with bachelor degrees and with higher educational levels and international certifications.

Our aim to achieve the highest levels of professionalism by preceding the latest developments and evidences practice in the field

Each physiotherapist at ATPC is personally recruited based upon their knowledge, experience and personal attributes. All Physiotherapy at ATPC is provided by optimistic, enthusiastic physiotherapists who enjoy their job and whose primary objective is to get you better and/or increase your quality of life.

The friendly and caring approach taken by our physiotherapists, as well as their extensive previous experience, means that you can be confident that your treatment will be of the highest quality.

We firmly believe that physiotherapy should be patient centered. This means that the patient’s problems and the goals they want to achieve are of paramount importance to us when formulating a treatment plan. Therefore ATPC Physiotherapists do not base treatment on one physiotherapy principle alone.

Instead we adopt a pragmatic approach and use therapeutic principles that we consider to be the best bits of each technique for each individual. This allows us to realize the potential of every patient.

ATPC utilizes a combination of numerous physiotherapy principles to provide the most beneficial treatment for our patients.

These include PNF (Functional movement), the Mulligan and Mackinze Concepts , soft tissue release, Neurodynamic techniques and Taping . The treatment approach used varies depending on the individual, their symptoms and their goals. This allows us to maximize the potential of our patients.