The only endogenous thermotherapy that, using electromagnetic waves at a particular frequency (Radiative Diathermy or) allows a focused, deep and controlled action by measuring and controlling temperature, intensity and depth of treatment. Hyperthermia finds its application in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The controlled hyperthermia stimulation enables, along with the most well-known biological effects of heat (increase of local blood flow, metabolic turnover and oxygen supply, removal of catabolites and exudates, decrease of discharge frequency of pain receptors, increase of collagen extensibility and muscle contractile efficiency, reduction of muscle spasm and inflammatory infiltrates, decrease of edema) proper phenomenon of cell killing that, causing necrosis of cells that are damaged or ill because of some form of pathogenic or traumatic noxa, produces the release of chemotactic substances and growth-factors that represent a powerful regenerative and reparative stimulus.


Sigma combines Hyperthermia stimulation and transdermal Cryotherapy in order to obtain Thermal Shock Therapy in a dynamic and controlled way.
Superficial thermal shock
Deep thermal shock
Recovery of movement range
Standard hyperthermia
Dynamic Hyperthermia with heat variation
Dynamic Hyperthermia with depth variation



Sigma is particularly effective during the initial rehabilitation phases in reducing pain, swelling and improving joint mobility. It is also   used in the following rehabilitation steps in combination with therapeutic exercises.